Office and Industrial removals

Capital equipment as well as office furniture

Standing still is going backwards. Time is money. A poorly planned and executed office move carries higher costs - both direct and indirect - than it should. Moving an entire company from A to B and getting it up and running quickly is both an art and a science, and requires an experienced team with perfect organization. Max Jacobi Movemanagement’s experience, detailed up-front planning and precise execution of every aspect of your removal project add up to significant savings at the end of the project. No matter where the journey ends, nothing moves you like Max Jacobi. 

Every project begins with competent consultation, project survey and appraisal, and comprehensive planning, followed by a precise execution of every detail of the plan. 

A good relocation concept not only satisfies the projects logistical requirements, it is also coherent, transparent, and comparable. The final price is one point of comparison. Others are the savings realized through fewer complications, kept schedules, lower downtime, and a quicker return to productivity.  

We offer a modular price system. You decide, aided by the recommendations of our team, which services are needed. Packing, transportation and assembly work can be chosen as individual modules. And we offer even more: Detailed inventories, timetables and multi-stage planning, office layout planning, and more. All services combined to create a solution optimized to your needs. When we leave, you’re up and running. 

Tailor-made instead of “off the rack”: Ask for a tailor-made offer – as an “all-in” price, per workstation or detailed by the type and number of items to be moved.

Our service portfolio

Accurate estimate of the removal volume through a detailed on-site survey
Compliance: On request we’ll arrange an tender notification in the “Deutschen Ausschreibungslatt”
Counted: Detailed inventories of furnishing, IT equipment, etc.

Precision: Preparation of a detailed removal plan and schedule

Tailored: Selection and presentation of the ideal vehicle and equipment as well as specialized packing materials for office, library, project and archive removals or for special items

Preparation: Design of floor plans, layouts, etc.

Labeled: Labeling the inventory with destination room numbers
Organized: Files and documents packed and unpacked in the correct order

  • Computer moving trollies
  • Special archive boxes for documents and files
  • Lockable trollies for sensitive documents

Building: Take-down and assembly of office furnishings (modular furniture, USM and much more
Careful: Disconnection of  cables, re-connection and installation of computer and complete IT systems by skilled professionals

Flexible: Transportation of goods using a range of vehicles from Sprinter vans up to  40-ton trucks

Forward-thinking: Providing outside elevators and other technical moving equipment

Ready: Long and short-term warehousing in dust-free sealed wooden containers in air-conditioned, alarm-activated and video-monitored storage facilities