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Harmony Relocation Network

Max Jacobi is a proud member of Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. We are a network of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria.

Harmony is the largest commonly branded global network of relocation companies. Our network (founded in 1992) consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, serving 180 countries across 6 continents, providing the same level of high quality services, local expertise and personal commitment. All our members are co-owners of Harmony Relocation Network.


Established in 1986 and headquartered in the Netherlands, Voerman is the market leader for removals in Central and Eastern Europe. The company maintains branches in the Czech Republic, Russia and Poland with a large fleet and state-of-the-art storage facilities which deliver the highest standards of efficiency and security.

GB Liners (HUB-Partner)

Founded in 1923 in Brighton and headquartered in London, GB Liners remains in family hands to this day. The company has more than 10 subsidiaries in Great Britain and is a known even outside the UK as a well-regarded partner in the removals and storage sector.



The FIDI Global Alliance is the largest organization of top-tier international removal companies. From its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, FIDI has promoted the highest quality standards of the removal industry for more than a decade. These standards are reviewed annually and all members are regularly certified by independent auditors.

Interpack GmbH

Founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Max Jacobi GmbH & Co., Interpack provides industrial and special packaging solution to a variety of global, and globally-connected organizations.  Highly skilled staff equipped with specialized equipment provide efficient and inexpensive solutions to any packing need.

Packimpex (HUB-Partner)

Packimpex AG has lead the Swiss market for tailor–made removal solutions since 1977.  The company maintains strict quality standards and a full range of services, with eight branch offices in Switzerland and one in Germany. The customer is always in focus thanks to transparency, trust and mutual respect.


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