Relocation Services

One Stop Shopping: So you’ll feel at home, wherever you live

One of life’s greatest opportunities can also be a great challenge: Moving your family abroad to take on a new professional challenge. A new culture with strange customs, different business practices, and new colleagues - the list is as exciting but can also be exhausting. Whether you yourself has accepted the challenge, or if you’re an HR professional responsible for employee transfers: Max Jacobi Move Management opens the way for a successful assignment abroad. We handle everything from A to Z. 

From visas and host-country documentation, orientation visits before the move, cross-cultural training, and home-finding through to setting up utilities, school registration, employment opportunities for spouses, we offer a full range of services designed to help transferees and their families get settled in to their new surrounding as soon as possible, all of which are linked to the removal schedule to provide a seamless service. 

Adapting to local culture, laws and customs, as well as ensuring the comfort and well-being of the transferee’s family are the greatest obstacles to a successful assignment abroad.  Removing these obstacles opens the way to a productive, enriching experience for the transferee, their family and their employer. Good support at the start of an assignment reduces early termination of assignments and employee turnover. 

No matter where you’re coming from or where you’re going to, as a shareholder of Harmony Relocation Network we have you covered worldwide. We are able to provide comprehensive relocation services in nearly every country of the world.

Our service portfolio:

1. Home search

  • Orientation tour with thorough consultation
  • Selection and viewing of a variety of properties
  • Rental contract negotiation and review
  • Payment coordination of rental bond 
  • Accompanied handover of property with written protocols

2. Temporary living

  • Selection and booking
  • Extension of stay if needed

3. Taking up residence & settling

  • Opening a bank account
  • Insurance consultation
  • Assistance in applying for telephone and internet connection
  • Selection of a suitable language school
  • Setting up public utility companies
  • Host country formalities such as residency registration
  • Application for a foreign driving license
  • Importation and registration of cars or motorbikes
  • Application for social services available in the host country
  • Advice on importing pets 
  • Obtaining a domestic aid / nanny
  • Dry cleaning and other domestic services

4. School & Preschool (Kindergarten)

  • Selection and registration
  • Request for a nursery voucher

5. Residence & work permit

  • Assistance in applying for:
    • Residence permit
    • Work permit
    • Determination of legal status
    • Renewal of work permit
    • Renewal of residence permit
    • Provision of legal services

6. Departure Services

  • Lease cancellation
  • Accompanied handover of rental property
  • Explanation of damage and renovation clauses
  • Refund of damage deposit
  • Advanced assistance with return of apartment, refund of deposit, when problems occur
  • Cancellation of public utility companies, etc.
  • Other cancellations, terminations (associations, insurances, memberships)
  • De-registration of residence 
  • De-registration of vehicles, including insurances
  • Coordination of exporting a vehicle
  • Closure of a bank account
  • Request for change of address order
  • Disposal of rubbish and bulk trash from rental property
  • Organization of final cleaning
  • Termination of social services