About us

Innovative, authentic and sustainable – for our family-owned company and for our customers. Because they are our focus – and have been for three generations.The relationships between customers, employees and the Max Jacobi family have been essential to our success and inspire our work. And we approach each day with the values that are traditional to our family-owned business: Courtesy, Respect and Competence.

Our corporate climate is characterized by trust, respect and fairness. These values inspire team spirit and the satisfaction of our employees, which is felt both by our family business and you – our customers.

The majority of our professionals have been with Max Jacobi for more than 15 years. And this wealth of experience is worth its weight in gold: There is hardly a problem or issue which our team hasn’t been confronted with – and successfully mastered – before. Our solutions always focus on the customer because, for us “customer focused” are more than just words, but words to live by. That’s what makes Max Jacobi´s vision for a perfect move very simple: You take care of your family and your career – we do the rest.

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